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SofrinoStore – Christian Church Store.  We present a wide range of Catholic icons, Greek icons, Russian Orthodox icons, Christian books,  Monastery icons, Art, Jewelry, Crosses for home and Church. Sofrinostore – Christian gifts store.


Catholic Church Store and Orthodox Church Store

In our SofrinoStore you can buy Christian books, Icon Greeting card, Rosary Icon Pouch, Tapestry book markers,  Catholic Church icon, Tapestry Banners, Christian accessories such as Bible Cases for iPad and other gifts for yourself, your family and friends.
Also, in Sofrinostore you can make an individual order for the manufacture of Icons or other Church Accessories. Our masters from Europe and Russia will be happy to create a masterpiece for you and your loved ones.  Christian gifts for all family.

Christian Church Store. The life of a Christian is not only the world of spiritual practice, but also the life of a person living in society among people. In our life there are weekdays, holidays, days of worries and leisure time. Knowing this, we made sure that you can please yourself, friends and loved ones with Christian souvenirs and cute trinkets, which are sometimes so necessary to support someone. Helping to answer important life questions, we make sure that you and your loved ones receive the goods you have chosen in the shortest possible time and with a smile. You can choose Christian books and   beautiful presents  in our Christian Church Store.

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Catholic Church, Orthodox Church and Christian Culture

The meaning of Christian culture. Christianity has had and still has a huge impact on world culture. Its special role is revealed in the formation of European culture, which is actually Christian culture. Christianity for the first time placed personality above nature and society, thereby laying the foundations of humanism. Personal freedom has become the main goal for assessing the natural and social order.

Sofrinostore – Icons, Crosses, Boxes, Jewelry, Book Markers, Tapestry Icons. Tapestry Pouches,  Christian books, Prayer Rope Beads. Christian gifts.